What is the reason for the dog running around at home suddenly?

What is the reason for the dog running around at home suddenly?

Believe that you who own a dog, sometimes you will find that the dog suddenly runs around at home, although you can’t understand it, it’s actually the truth behind it. Let’s take a look.


When the dog is emotional and excited, it will cause the dog to run around at home suddenly, in order to express his inner joy.

For example, the pet owner comes home from get off work and brings him delicious and fun things, so that he feels very happy for a while. Running around is just to express the good mood that he can’t hide at this moment. Don’t worry about the pet. Don’t worry about it. Will calm down.

Be scared

Some dogs are naturally very courageous, and they will be frightened when they hear some sounds at home, so they will find that they are running around the house looking for a safe place to hide.

Even some dogs will shiver. For this kind of situation, the owner needs to calm down the dog’s emotions and accompany him more often.

Found prey

A dog’s sense of smell and hearing are very sensitive, and it likes to chase fast-moving things, so it will react very much when it hears any movement.

Dog Care - What is the reason for the dog running around at home suddenly?

So it suddenly runs around the house, probably because it found its prey. Don’t think too much about it, the owner is just hunting.

Too much energy

Some dogs are too energetic. For example, some medium and large dogs need a lot of exercise every day. When they are too energetic, they will find ways to consume their energy.

Therefore, they suddenly run around the house, and some even demolish their homes. For such a dog, the owner needs to take it out for exercise and consume its energy.


Anyone who has raised a dog knows that whether you have a male dog or a female dog, when a dog is in estrus, they will always perform some incomprehensible behaviors, such as running around the house.

In fact, this kind of behavior is to relieve their inner anxiety and pain. The owner should pay more attention to their behavior. If you don’t want the dog to have children, then take it to sterilization after the first estrus period.

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