What is the world that dogs hear?

What is the world that dogs hear?

Everyone knows that dogs’ hearing and smell are very sensitive, so have you ever wondered what the world a dog hears? As the master, don’t know the following content!

Dogs’ hearing is 16 times that of humans

Under normal circumstances

Humans can’t hear bass 6 meters away

And the dog can hear the bass 24 meters away

And within a few seconds

Determine the source of the sound

When the dog pricked its ears and began to alert

It may be hearing other subtle sounds such as rat haunting

Dog Care - What is the world that dogs hear?

The ancestor of the dog: wolf

You can even hear calls from 6.4 kilometers away

Dogs in the process of evolution

In order to hunt and chase prey

That’s why it retains such a sensitive hearing

So in daily life

Most dogs are afraid to hear the sound of firecrackers and thunder

In their world

This is simply the sound of the earth exploding

Dogs can’t read the clock

But I can greet you at the door on time

This also stems from the powerful hearing that they have retained during their evolution.

Dogs will engrave the sounds they think are important in their minds

Such as the sound of a car closing, the footsteps of the owner, the sound of a key opening the door

This all represents the voice of the master coming back

The sound of the package opening, the sound of you eating

This is the beginning of dry rice for them

So if you want to steal food with them

It’s almost impossible

When you growl loudly at the dog

They will show shocked and scared expressions

But do you think this is a behavior they know wrong?

Then you are really wrong

Actually, the dog didn’t understand what you were talking about

But thinking about why the owner’s mouth can be equipped with a trumpet

But in fact, as long as you be patient and teach

They can still do wrong things infrequently

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