What needs to be done for daily grooming and care of dogs.

What needs to be done for daily grooming and care of dogs.

Some dogs need to go to the beauty salon regularly to build their styling, otherwise they will be messy and no longer cute, while some dogs have relatively neat hair without special trimming. No matter what kind of dog it belongs to, it needs daily grooming and care. Only a clean and tidy dog ​​will be loved by others, and the dog itself will be much more happy. This article mainly introduces the six steps that need to be completed in daily grooming and care of dogs.

Daily care requires regular cleaning of eyes and ears, nails, and bathing. It is better to use high-quality detergency shampoo and whitening shampoo alternately. Keep combing the hair once or twice a day, combing to remove dead and broken hair to prevent hair tie.

There are six steps that must be completed in general daily care and beauty

Bristles (to remove dead hair and dust)

Use a professional brush or needle comb and hair removal comb to do a general brushing, and brush off the floating hair and dust to prevent the hair from being entangled and knotted in the later steps. The one you want to choose here is suitable for you A dog-sized comb, so as to prevent the needle from getting stuck in the skin or being too short to comb.


In this step, you need to use combs to carefully comb each layer of hair to find out whether there are skin diseases and knots. Be careful not to hurt the dog

Clean ears and eyes (Pulling ear hairs and washing ears can prevent ear moisture, otitis, and ear mites)

For dogs such as Poodles and Schnauzers, who only need to pluck their ear hair regularly, please use professional ear hair powder. It is also very important to clean the ear canal. You can use the ear wash to drop in and wait for the dog to shake his head, and then use the cotton swab to slowly turn the cotton swab along the outside of the ear to bring out the dirt. The ears of healthy dogs should be tasteless. General long-eared dogs such as Baji Ducoca need to clean their ears frequently. Then, the cleaning around the eyes can also be done by dripping pet-specific eyewash and then eye care. Finally, clean the hair around the eyes with a cotton swab to check whether the dog has hair stuck in the eyes or if there is any trichiasis.

Dog Grooming - What needs to be done for daily grooming and care of dogs.

Cut nails, cut foot hair (to prevent slippage, inflammation between the toes), cut the bottom of the abdomen, and the hair near the anus (keep clean when you urinate)

The cleaning of the feet is very important. If the bottom hair of the feet is too long, it will breed bacteria. Usually, after washing the feet of the dog, it must be dried and dried, otherwise it is easy to get fungi. Regular nail cutting is good for people or dogs. The hair under the belly can be trimmed short according to the situation, especially in summer to dissipate heat. There may be dirt near the anus of a long-haired dog, which can be checked and cleaned up first.

Take a bath and squeeze the anal glands (the anal glands are prone to inflammation for a long time)

Do not use human shampoo and shower gel when taking a bath, because the skin is different, you can choose a dog-specific shampoo. Note that white-haired dogs do not often use whitewashing shower gel. All whitening body washes will be alkaline, which will singe the hair and make the hair no longer shiny. Dog owners can buy whitening and moisturizing body washes for alternating use. It is recommended to use hair conditioner when scouring hair. Just like a human conditioner, it can also prevent dust from getting on the hair.

Blow dry and comb

When drying, you must blow against the hair so that you can blow dry from the bottom hair to prevent skin diseases. When it is half dry, start combing from the root of the hair, and comb while blowing until the hair is completely dry.

In this way, dogs that do not need grooming can be treated with hair after six steps, and then they can be styling afterwards.

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