What secret have you discovered about dog?

What secret have you discovered about dog?

Dogs don’t understand our language, and they can’t tell us directly when they are uncomfortable, but we can tell from some of their manifestations. Once the owner finds the following manifestations of the dog, it is likely to be sick.

No spirit, no sports

Everyone should know that dogs themselves are lively and active animals. If suddenly one day they don’t like to move, they will have no energy at all, and they will always lie on the ground. Once the owner finds out, he must pay attention to it. 90% of dogs are sick. So, take it to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Abnormal bowel movements

Puppies in good physical condition defecate about three times a day, and adult dogs defecate about twice a day. The color of feces is usually dark brown or black, and the hardness is moderate. If you find that your dog’s bowel movements are abnormally mushy, diarrhea, bloodshot or bugs, it is sick.

Dog Care - There are six major manifestations of a dog's illness!

Abnormal discharge from the eyes

Dogs in good physical condition have clean eyes around them, and their eyes are bright and energetic. One of the symptoms of a sick dog is abnormal secretions in the eyes, or purulent secretions or brown-colored eyes. Secretions, eyes dull or covered with red blood.

Dry nose

In addition to being very sensitive, a dog’s nose can also tell its physical health. Normally healthy dogs have relatively moist and shiny noses. If the nose is dry, then 90% of the dogs have physical problems, most of which are feverish. They need to be physically cooled and take antipyretics to restore their health.

Frequent shaking and convulsions

Frequent shaking and convulsions in dogs are also one of the signs of physical problems in dogs. Generally, there are two considerations: shaking and convulsions caused by calcium deficiency in dogs; and epilepsy, neuritis or food poisoning injuries in dogs. Got nerves.

Always rubbing butt

Dogs in good health generally don’t rub their buttocks for everything. If they find that their dog always rubs their buttocks, it may be infected with parasites or blocked anal glands and cause inflammation. The owner should check the cause before deworming or squeezing the anal glands.

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