What should I do if Border Collie is thin?

What should I do if Border Collie is thin?

Border Collie is smart and good-looking. It is a dog that many people like to keep now. I believe everyone hopes that their Border Collie grows healthy, but what should I do if Border Collie is thin?

Adjust the diet

If you feed Border Collie too little in normal times, Border Collie will not grow meat, so in order to prevent it from continuing to lose weight, the pet owner can appropriately increase its feeding amount, which can change from 2 meals a day to 3 meals a day , Or increase the amount by 10% on the basis of 2 meals a day, then the dog will eat more and the weight will naturally keep up.

Feed meat appropriately

In fact, if Border Collie is lean, you can also feed meat appropriately. Meat is rich in protein, which will make Border Collie grow stronger. Also, be careful not to feed only meat instead of vegetables, which will lead to nutritional deficiencies. Yes, a high-protein diet should be combined with appropriate exercise to allow Border Collie to gain healthier weight.

Supplemental Nutrition Cream

In fact, if you want to help Border Collie gain weight and prevent it from losing weight, you can supplement it with some nutritional cream. After all, the nutritional cream contains a variety of nutrients, which are easier to be absorbed by Border Collie to achieve weight gain. You need to pay attention to it every week. Feed regularly, don’t feed too much, you can increase or decrease according to Border Collie’s food intake.

Dog Care - What should I do if Border Collie is thin?

Deworming regularly

If Border Collie is thin, it actually has something to do with parasites, because Border Collie infected with parasites cannot absorb nutrients, so the problem of thinness occurs. Pet owners need to pay attention to regularly deworming it so that it can absorb it. Nourishment can grow meat, but it should be noted that Border Collie may have diarrhea after deworming. The pet owner only needs to feed it probiotics to regulate the intestines and stomach.

Choose nutritious dog food

Everyone knows that dog food is the staple food of Border Collie. Whether it is rich in nutrition is very important. If the dog food you eat is inadequate and inferior, it will cause Border Collie to be malnourished and unable to gain weight, so pet owners need to think about choices. Give it a nutritious dog food to ensure its healthy growth.

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