What should I do if I meet a fierce dog on a walk?

What should I do if I meet a fierce dog on a walk?

In daily life, the probability of encountering a vicious dog is greater than that of encountering a wild animal. So what should we do if we encounter a vicious dog on a walk? You need to learn these tricks, it is very practical to save yourself and others!

When we encounter a dog that is tied up, as long as we pass by, we don’t need to look at the dog, no matter how fierce it barks, it’s fine as long as you keep a bold and confident heart and walk over. You are safe when it does not exist plus a certain distance.

Dog Care - What should I do if I meet a fierce dog on a walk?

In fact, in the dog world, if you look directly into its eyes, it will be considered a provocation, so it is easy to be attacked by the dog. Then we must be careful not to look directly into its eyes when we encounter a bad dog. This will not easily cause the dog to pay attention to you.

If you encounter a vicious dog rushing towards you, then you have to find a place to hide next to you, and hide quickly. The place to hide must be blocked by something, because you run away backwards, then you will Arouse the dog’s desire to bite, and it will be better if something is blocked.

If you find that there is no place to hide, and you can’t run as fast as a dog, then you can see what you are holding at this time.  Stand still, don’t think about running away, it turns there, you just follow it.

Because the dog’s eyes are in front of the head, the position behind it is its most vulnerable position and the position it is worried about. Then when it finds that you haven’t run away, it’s already holding it with something and confronting it. Remind it that it needs to protect its body. After all, it is also afraid that we will hit it behind the back with other things. This is also the behavior of protecting itself based on the instinctive psychological reflection of the dog.

If you don’t have anything in your hand, you can take off your clothes as an emergency, and hold your clothes against it; if you have been bitten by a dog, then yelling at this time will only make the dog bite more The more excited.

At this time, the only effective way is to endure the pain and work against it. For example, if you bite one of your hands, then you can hit it with the other hand, which is similar to our human temple, and hit it as hard as you can. When it hurts so much that it screams, it will also go away.

If it is not biting your hand, then you can grab its two cheeks and shake it out. This is more effective, because the dog’s four feet are empty, which will bring subconscious tension to it, that is, fear. Psychology, once it has a fear, its self-confidence to bite will decrease.

If you encounter a dog biting someone on the road, you can find a stick and other things that can be hit on the spot, and hit the dog’s side with a stick. This will make the dog feel pain, and then it will let go and bite. People who need to pay attention are not to be sneaky, scared, or tentatively attacking. They must be beaten decisively, so that the dog’s brain will be stunned and the self-confidence to bite will instantly collapse.

In addition, when you encounter a dog biting people madly, don’t pull its tail or hind legs.

In fact, many dog biting behaviors are usually petted, indulged, or even encouraged by the dog owner. The consequences of such behavior are very serious. Therefore, to prevent this problem, it is only for dog owners. To start, dogs are ignorant, and the most important thing is people. Therefore, raising a dog must have quality and create a good environment for raising a dog.

If your dog has a grumpy temper, it is recommended to train more usually. In addition, you must wear a traction rope when you go out. Take care of your dog and don’t let it cause trouble. You can use some dog snacks during training, so the effect will be better. .

I believe that everyone is a civilized dog breeder. In the process of raising a dog, we enjoy happiness, and we must also be responsible for others, for ourselves, and for it. The life span of dogs is very short, and the time to accompany us is not long, in order to be able to Let the dog have a healthy body to accompany us longer, the owner should pay more attention to his diet.

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