What should I do if my dog has anxiety and depression?

What should I do if my dog has anxiety and depression?

Anxiety disorders in dogs can be divided into separation anxiety disorder, phobia anxiety disorder and low social anxiety disorder according to the reasons.

Dogs are gregarious animals. Their sense of taste, brain, and body all need proper stimulation. When they can’t get enough stimulation for a long time, the dog will show irritable behavior. Howling, digging, destroying, jumping, and running back and forth quickly, all these are signs of its irritability. Lonely depression is a comprehensive manifestation of multiple behaviors.

1. Behavioral manifestations of anxiety and depression in dogs:

1. Howling: Howling puppies is to attract mother’s attention. Similarly, a irritable and lonely dog ​​​​howls to attract the attention of its owner.

2. Vandalism: Dogs will destroy and scratch wallpaper, bite things in cars, and damage carpets, clothes and household linen fabrics. This behavior is more common in untrained and disobedient dogs, especially dogs that are highly dependent on their owners.

3. Ground planing: Some dogs plan to bury the bones, while others dig holes to lie in. Most dogs do this when they are upset.

4. Jumping: In the garden, an irritable dog may climb on the fence and look around to pass the time.

2. Prevention and treatment measures for dog anxiety and depression:

1. You can leave the dog alone in a room and give it a toy. After a few minutes, return to the room and praise it if it does not exhibit behaviors such as irritability, screaming, or scratching the door. Repeat this exercise in different rooms and time periods until the dog no longer exhibits any anxiety when alone.

2. Dogs need physical activity. The best way to reduce irritability is to practice every day.

3. Attract the dog’s attention and occasionally reward it with food. Used for food stuffed toys (but count the calories the dog needs every day). Occasionally, you can give it some food. The dog will push the toy to roll, pour out food, and occasionally give the dog some special rewards.

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