What should I do if my dog’s fur is dry?

What should I do if my dog’s fur is dry?

Dogs can often be seen in our daily lives. There are countless people who go out and walk their dogs every day. Many dogs’ hair is very smooth and supple, but a little dog’s hair is relatively dry, which may be due to various reasons . We all know that they need a lot of nutrients to grow their hair. So what should we do if the dog’s fur is dry?

If your dog has been regularly dewormed and has no skin diseases, then the reason for their dry hair is probably due to their usual diet. We should give them a reasonable and healthy diet, and choose a good dog food as their staple food.

Bathing and combing their hair on a reasonable and regular basis can also alleviate this phenomenon. It can effectively comb the oil distributed on their body evenly. Their body surface oil is an important factor to keep their skin shiny, and they can be combed. It can also effectively prevent the accumulation of grease.

They all need some fatty acids to feed their fur health, we can add some vegetable oil to their food. But some dogs will have diarrhea after eating, so we have to gradually add vegetable oil to the dog food, we must first make sure their gastrointestinal health before feeding them. Of course, supplementing them with vitamins on a regular basis can also ensure their skin health, and they will also like to eat. Multi-vitamins can better supplement them with nutrients and keep their hair shiny. Of course, it can also be mixed in their food to increase their appetite.

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