What should you do if the German Shepherd stops eating?

What should you do if the German Shepherd stops eating?

The German Shepherd is loyal and intelligent, and many people know how to raise it. However, during the breeding process, some pet owners report that their German Shepherd does not eat anything. What should you do? Let me talk about the reasons and solutions in detail below.


If the German Shepherd gets sick, such as catching a cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., it will cause a loss of appetite and the situation of not eating. At this time, the owner needs to pay more attention to its behavior and appearance. If it is found to be abnormal, it should be treated in time. Don’t Delay the condition.

Physiological anorexia

The German Shepherd will not eat under physiological conditions such as estrus, pregnancy, changing teeth, and physiological anorexia generally has no special symptoms. It is normal in spirit, urination, and body temperature. Wait until this period of time has passed, German Shepherd will restore his appetite.

Lack of exercise

Everyone knows that dogs need to maintain a certain amount of exercise every day, and the German Shepherd is no exception. If lack of exercise, the appetite will not be good, so you should pay attention to taking German Shepherd out to exercise, so that its appetite will change. Okay, I won’t stop eating.

Want to get the owner’s attention

In fact, sometimes the German Shepherd doesn’t eat, just to get the owner’s attention. It’s probably because you ignored it, so you don’t eat. Usually the owner should spend more time with it and play with it when you is free. Just play the game.


Sometimes when taking a German Shepherd out for a walk, it often eats grass, flowers and the like out of curiosity. If it is eaten by mistake, it will easily lead to gastroenteritis. Therefore, it is reluctant to eat when going home. The owner should pay more attention to its behavior, don’t let it eat indiscriminately, and stop it in time when it sees it.

The palatability of dog food is not good

The German Shepherd’s unwillingness to eat is actually related to the staple dog food that the owner gives it. If the palatability is not good, it will also affect its appetite, so the pet owner needs to choose a dog food with high palatability.

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