What to do if cat stomatitis is severe?

What to do if cat stomatitis is severe?

Cat stomatitis is serious, it is necessary to increase the amount of water the cat drinks to help the cat treat the stomatitis; the owner also needs to adjust the cat’s dietary structure adjustment; regularly clean the cat’s mouth to remove the bacteria as much as possible .

Severe cat stomatitis needs to increase the amount of water

Some cats don’t like to drink water. The food they usually eat is dry cat food, freeze-dried meat, animal liver, etc. These foods contain less water. If the cat’s body consumes too little water for a long time, it will cause cats to have stomatitis. The owner should increase the cat’s drinking volume and guide the cat to drink more water. You can try to place more water bowls where the cat likes to stay. Sometimes the cat may drink a few mouthfuls when the cat is bored, or use a syringe directly Feed the cat with water. Drinking plenty of water is good for the cat’s body.

Severe cat stomatitis requires dietary adjustment

Cats now have stomatitis and often have mouth pain, which makes the cat very painful. At this time, cats are not suitable for eating dry cat food and other hard and dry foods. During this period, the owner should prepare soft-tasting and easy -to-chew foods for the cat, such as sheep Milk powder, minced meat porridge, canned cats with high moisture and soft taste, etc. When cooking certain foods, remember to let them cool before serving them. After cooking, add them to the cat food, stir well, and feed them together.

Cat stomatitis severely needs to clean the mouth

Cats may have stomatitis because they did not brush their teeth frequently before, and they had some periodontal disease or dental calculus, which further caused stomatitis. Now the cat may have food residue in the gap between the mouth and teeth after the cat has eaten. The owner needs to clean the cat’s mouth. You can give the cat some pet cat’s mouthwash and gargle it, which can reduce some of the bacteria in the mouth. It can also make the cat’s teeth healthier. After rinsing the mouth, spray the mouth of the cat on the reddened part of the cat’s mouth. Use it for a period of time and don’t give up halfway. Usually the owner does the above Work, the cat’s stomatitis will gradually get better.

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