What to do if dogs are picky eaters?

What to do if dogs are picky eaters?

How to correct a dog picky eater:

It is very important: to correct the dog’s picky eating or other behaviors, all family members must act in concert! If the family members cannot act in concert, it is impossible for the dog to change. The end result can only be that dogs and people toss for a few days or longer, and then go back to the past.

1. Never feed human food

2. Stop feeding snacks while correcting picky eating habits

3. Make sure to walk the dog no less than twice a day, and the more the better, no less than 5 minutes each time!

4. Feed the dog food regularly, instead of putting it in the food bowl for the dog to eat at any time.

Timing feeding does not mean feeding at a fixed time every day, but refers to a prescribed upper limit for the time of each feeding-5 minutes each time, 5 minutes to take away the dog food bowl regardless of whether it is eaten or not.

5. It’s less than 5 minutes, but as long as the dog does not lower his head to eat dog food, but looks up or simply walks away, immediately take away the dog food bowl.

6. As long as there is dog food left in the dog food bowl in 5 minutes, subtract these amounts next time until you can eat it in one breath within 5 minutes; after a few days, add dog food appropriately according to the dog’s situation , But make sure that there is no leftover dog food in the dog food bowl until the proper feeding amount.

7. In the process of correcting picky eating habits, the number of feedings in a day should be adjusted according to the dog’s situation. It is by no means “hungry if you don’t eat”!

How to adjust? If the dog is fed with two meals a day, the interval between feeding is about 8-12 hours. If the dog does not eat within 5 minutes of feeding in the morning or the amount eaten is much different from the proper amount, take away the food bowl and don’t take the next feeding time. Wait 8-12 hours later. It should be fed the next time in about 1-2 hours, and other practices still follow the above 1-6 operations. Of course, the dog food bowl is still taken away after 5 minutes.

In the process of correcting picky eating habits, dogs often eat irregularly. Suddenly they will eat well one time, but they will not taste good next time. Observe patiently and adjust the time of the next feeding according to the amount of food consumed.

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