What’s the matter with Siberian husky vomiting?

What’s the matter with Siberian husky vomiting?

I believe everyone is familiar with Siberian husky. It has a big nerves, looks very handsome, and has a strong ability to dismantle the house. Many people love it. Some pet owners said that their Siberian husky had vomiting during the breeding process, so Husky What is going on with vomiting?

It’s sick

When Siberian husky gets sick, such as canine plague, small diseases, etc., vomiting may occur, or it may be caused by bacterial infection. No matter what the reason is, Siberian husky should be taken to the doctor for symptomatic treatment at this time.

Drink dirty water

Everyone knows that dogs are very greedy, and Siberian husky is no exception. When Siberian husky accidentally eats or drinks some dirty water, and its gastrointestinal function itself is not good, it will cause vomiting. Phenomenon. In such a situation, the pet owner should pay more attention to his behavior. It is best to train him not to eat indiscriminately, and to change the water for him frequently.

Dog Care - What's the matter with Siberian husky vomiting?

Changed to a new environment

Siberian husky has changed to a new environment, and the stomach and intestines have not adapted to it, and there will be stress reactions such as vomiting, especially for puppies. The owner needs to disinfect the environment and feed some goat milk powder as a nutritional supplement to improve its immunity. I got used to it slowly.

Infected with parasites

When a husky is infected with a parasite, it will also cause it to vomit. If you are not sure whether it is infected with a parasite, you can check whether there is a worm in the vomit of the husky. Usually the pet owner must pay attention to deworming it regularly, once every three months in the body, and once a month outside the body, it must be done.


Siberian husky’s gastrointestinal function is not very good, which means that if it eats some indigestible foods, it will cause indigestion and cause vomiting, and sometimes we will see them eating grass to relieve our discomfort. For this In the circumstances, the pet mainly pays attention to the staple dog food that he eats and needs to choose one that is easy to digest and absorb.

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