When buying a dog, you must be wary of these types!

When buying a dog, you must be wary of these types!

Now more and more people have dogs, but the first step in raising a dog is to choose a dog. Because the price of a pet dog is very high, it also attracts many people who think it is profitable to sell dogs. If you don’t take a closer look, you can easily be deceived. When buying a dog, you must be wary of the following!

Insane, with apathetic eyes

When buying a dog, be sure to check whether the dog’s mental state and eyes are enlightened. You can come forward and interact with the dog. If it does not respond and has no eyesight, then it may be a sick dog, but it is also an overactive dog. No, it’s probably because the dog seller gave it a stimulant! Be vigilant!

Not weaned

It can be said that the survival of an unweaned dog leaving the bitch is very difficult, and the owner’s breeding will become more difficult. As long as the owner is careless in the process, it will be at risk, so it is not recommended to buy, the best choice is 3 A month old dog.

Dog Care - When buying a dog, you must be wary of these types!

Strong fragrance

No matter how clean the dog is, there will be a peculiar smell on the body. This is the body odor of a dog, but it is not too heavy, and it will not be scented. If you find that the dog is smelly when you buy a dog, there will be a problem. It should be sprayed on by the seller. This may be to cover up some of the dog’s problems.


It is not just the different breeds that determine the price of a dog. Dogs of the same breed have different colors and different prices. Some sellers will use one point to make a profit. When choosing a dog, the buyer can lift the belly hair to look at the belly color or look at the hair in the ears, and then you can compare and observe to see if it is dyed.

Bad breath

Many adult dogs have bad breath, which is caused by not paying attention to oral hygiene. It is recommended to buy some dried duck teeth snacks for them to eat. You can remove bad breath. Normal dogs have pale red gums and tongues. You can check this out. Two parts, if the puppy you want to buy has bad breath, it may be a problem with the mouth or stomach, you need to pay attention.


Generally speaking, puppies do not have tear marks. If there are tear marks, it may be caused by congenital or improper diet. In short, don’t choose. If your dog didn’t have tear marks, but they suddenly appeared later, you should pay attention to the problem of diet. If you eat too salty, tear marks will appear.

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