When do kittens change their teeth?

When do kittens change their teeth?

Cats can change teeth just like humans. Many cat owners don’t know the time for cats to change teeth. The content of this article is an analysis for everyone. Pets mainly pay attention to the cat’s dental health.

The teeth of kittens are also changed from deciduous teeth to permanent teeth. Generally, kittens will change teeth from 5 months old, and the development needs to go through two stages of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. Cats have the habit of chewing and grinding their teeth when changing teeth.

To ensure a healthy and smooth tooth replacement for kittens, pet owners need to pay attention to:

First of all, the texture of the chews and toys provided to the kittens should be relatively hard, which will be more conducive to cleaning the kittens’s teeth. And when changing teeth, you need to brush your cat’s teeth regularly. This is not only for the cat to develop a good brushing habit, but also to check whether there is any foreign body residue left in the cat’s mouth in time to ensure that the cat can change the teeth smoothly.

Cat Care - When do kittens change their teeth?

Secondly, check the loss of baby teeth when the kitten is changing teeth, because the eruption of permanent teeth before the baby teeth fall off will cause the new teeth to be skewed and maloccluded. At the same time, many cats like to bite things because of various discomforts when changing teeth. Sometimes when the owner embraces it, they will turn their heads to bite. Therefore, it is very necessary for the kitten to prepare a chew and some toys when changing teeth.

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