Where the dog’s hair is groomed and where the dog’s hair is knotted.

Where the dog’s hair is groomed and where the dog’s hair is knotted.

As we all know, long-haired dogs are much more troublesome to care for than short-haired dogs. The following article mainly introduces the places where the dog’s hair is easy to knot, pay more attention to the following key parts.

Long-haired dogs are best to comb their hair every day. This can not only promote blood circulation and make the hair grow healthier, but also prevent the long hair from knotting and causing skin diseases.

The following places need your special attention:

Both sides of the mouth: Dogs don’t like to comb the sides of the mouth, you can hide as soon as you comb. But if you don’t comb the hair here for a long time, the hair around your mouth will become discolored or knotted due to eating, saliva, and this is a problem for the dog’s face, so even if it is not happy, you have to comb it. You need to hold its nose a little bit harder. For dogs with short noses such as Pekingese or Shih Tzu, grab their small jaws with your hands, comb one side first, and then the other side. You can comb the other side for a while after combing, let it relax, and then come back to comb the other side.

Behind the ears: This place is very easy to overlook for long-haired dogs with lop-eared ears. Because they have very long hairs, we combed our ears and cheeks. We often felt that the back of the ears were also combed. After a long time, the hairs on this part will stick. So every time you comb it, you need to pick up its big ears and comb the hair under the ears and at the base of the ears.

Armpit: This is for the dog’s four legs, which refers to the part where the dog’s leg connects with the side. This part is not easy for you to comb when the dog is sitting or standing. The best time to comb is when the dog’s belly is facing to sleep, and the action is gentle, it will feel very enjoyable.

Foreleg elbow joint: The dog is lying on the ground, usually with the elbow of the front leg on the ground. Over time, the hair here will generally be less than the hair on other parts of the leg, and it is easy to compress into one piece, or It is turned into a lock. You can comb this part of the hair when it is lying flat or standing. I feel it is better controlled by combing it while it is standing.

Parts with collars or shoulder straps: Whether your dog goes out with a collar or shoulder straps, it will damage the hairs of the corresponding parts, and friction will make the hairs of these parts more likely to knot. You also need to pay special attention to these areas when combing, and you should also observe whether the skin in these areas is red or shed when combing, and find these small skin problems as soon as possible.

How can you save some trouble or be lazy?

Touch first and then comb:

Dogs will never dislike your petting. So for the areas I mentioned above, you can first touch them with your hands, pass them with your fingers, or knead them, in short, feel whether there are knots or lumps. If your fingers feel smooth in the hair and the hair is smooth, you can be lazy for a day. However, the number of laziness should not be too much, and it must be combed for at least three days.

Decentralized operations:

Put the comb in the place where the dog likes to sleep, or where you can reach, and comb it for a few days according to its posture to see where to comb it. Grooming your dog at a fixed time every day is of course a good habit, but it is very tiring for a larger long-haired dog, and the dog is also easy to get impatient. It is better to spread the work so that you and it will feel Take it easy.

Cut off a little hair:

This trick is a bit ruthless, but the easiest. You can trim the hairs at the base of the ears and armpits, because the hairs in these two areas are very concealed, and even if they are cut, they will usually affect their appearance. But the hair under the “4. Forelimb joints” mentioned above must not be cut, because the dog relies on this to isolate and cushion the elbow skin from the ground. If you cut it off, the dog His elbows are more likely to bruise.

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