Why are cats interested in the little red dot?

Why are cats interested in the little red dot?

Why do kittens like to chase red dots?

The natural curiosity of cats and the desire to chase moving things tend to make them chase the small red dots projected by the laser pointer underground, especially the underage kittens, who have strong game psychology and are more willing to chase them without fatigue, while adult cats are The response was mediocre.

Things to note when playing with cats

1. Be careful when using the laser pointer to tease the cat. Don’t let the little red dot hit the cat’s eyes.

2. Do not shine the laser pointer on objects with reflective functions to make them play, because if the reflected red dots shine into the cat’s eyes, it may also cause damage. (E.g. mirror, smooth marble floor)

3. When moving the small red dot of the laser pointer makes cats crazy, it is also recommended that everyone follow the “principle of safe routes” for them.

4. Don’t play this game for cats when it is too late at night, unless you live on the first floor. Because when the cat is running and chasing the little red dot that can not be seen, it is easy to make a sound on the wooden floor or tiled floor when it encounters a sharp turn or turns to chase. In the dead of night, all sounds become louder than during the day. If the cat runs back and forth a few more times, it may cause dissatisfaction from the neighbors downstairs.

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