Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs eat grass?

In the process of raising a dog, we will occasionally see dogs eating grass. I wonder if you have ever thought about why dogs eat grass? In fact, the dog eats grass because it feels uncomfortable, and this reason is only one of the reasons why it eats grass!


If the dog eats the wrong food or eats hard, it will cause indigestion and make the stomach feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it needs to stimulate the stomach and throat by eating grass, and then spit out the indigestible things in the stomach. Relieve discomfort, so the owner needs to pay more attention not to let the dog eat indiscriminately, and the feeding should be regular and quantitative.

Infection with parasites

When a dog is infected with parasites, the dog will also appear to eat grass. In fact, it is to alleviate its discomfort. The owner usually needs to observe whether there are any worms in the dog’s poop or vomit. Insects are usually dewormed inside the body once every three months and dewormed outside the body once a month.

Dog Care - Why do dogs eat grass?

Simply curious

I believe that everyone who raises a dog knows that a dog is a very curious animal. When you take it out for a walk, it likes to look around and sniff it everywhere, so it is likely that it is eating grass because of pure curiosity. If it feels unpalatable, it will vomit, but the owner should pay attention to it and don’t develop the habit of picking up food or eating indiscriminately.

Lack of trace elements

In fact, dogs eat grass. Another important reason is that the lack of trace elements in the body leads to pica, and sometimes behaviors such as licking urine, eating stool, and gnawing soil. Therefore, we need to give dogs The dog feeds some trace elements to help it improve pica.

Lack of vitamins

Dogs eat grass not only because they lack trace elements, but also because they lack vitamins. This has a lot to do with its monotonous diet. Moreover, such a diet structure will also lead to insufficient nutrition and affect growth. Therefore, the owner It is necessary to pay attention to the nutritional balance of feeding the dog, and the fruits and vegetables should be fed, especially the choice of dog food.

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