Why do dogs rush people?

Why do dogs rush people?

A dog is a very emotional animal, so sometimes some of its actions also express different meanings. For example, it is the most common to pounce on people, but why do dogs pounce on people? There are several reasons to make you feel warm!

Say hello to you

In the dog world, the way a dog greets a dog is nose-to-nose, and bashing is the way they greet humans. Dogs are more enthusiastic animals. If they want to get close to you, they will rush to you. Say hello to you while standing up.

Need your help

Dogs are different from us and can be expressed in words, but if a dog asks you, it will express it by rushing to others. For example, a dog wants you to play with it, and sometimes it will bite the toy it wants to play with and pounce at you, suggesting you. This also reflects the dog’s IQ from the side.

Dog Care - Why do dogs rush people?

Miss you very much

Some owners are away from home for a long time because of work, leaving the dog to play at home, and the dog playing with toys. When the dog is tired and bored, the dog will miss you very much. When you go home, the moment you see you Will pounce on you, indicating that it finally waited for you and was very happy.

Want you to hug it

If the owner frequently hugs his dog at home or when going out, he gets used to being hugged by you, then he will often want to be hugged by you, will pounce on you, and convey to you what he wants to hug Some dogs want to hug at any time after being habitually hugged, and are unwilling to walk, so the owner still has to hug him appropriately instead of spoiling him.

Own habits

Some dogs pounce on people because they are used to them. Since they were young, they have used pounding on people to express their meaning, and then the owner has not corrected them and has developed a habit. Usually the owner has to train the dog more. When he is ready to pounce, he should use the “sit down” password to train him. If he is obedient, he can reward some chicken jerky snacks, so that it can be corrected after long-term training.

There are heart-warming reasons as well as bad influences. The owner should correct it immediately when he finds something bad. After raising a dog, you will find that dogs add a landscape to our lives, but dogs will suffer from birth, old age, sickness and death just like us. The key to directly determining their health problems is diet, and the dog’s diet is also a very important part of the process of raising a dog.

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