Why do dogs smell each other’s ass?

Why do dogs smell each other’s ass?

When the pet owner is walking the dog, they should always encounter the situation that the dog and the same kind will smell each other’s buttocks. Does the pet owner know why the dog will smell each other’s buttocks? I believe you don’t know the following reasons!

Know the other party’s information

Each dog has its own unique smell, and these smells are emitted by the anal glands near the dog’s buttocks. In addition, the dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive, so the dog can get the age, gender and other information of the other party by smelling the butt. Determine if it is a familiar dog.


In the world of dogs, they can’t speak, so smelling each other’s ass is equivalent to saying hello, like saying “Hey! Make friends” and other friendly expressions. Sometimes they can identify whether they are dogs they played with. Because they are not like we can remember with our eyes.

Dog Care - Why do dogs smell each other's ass?

Judging the opponent’s status

Dogs are not like us. There are many sources of information to know how much this person’s “status” is. They judge the other’s status by smelling the smell around the buttocks, so that they can know that they can’t be offended.

Check health

The way to check the physical condition by smelling the buttocks will occur more frequently when the bitch smells her puppies, because the mother checks the health of her children every day, and the smell around the buttocks hides some physical information of the dog , Such as: immune system status or dietary status, etc.

Dog Care - Why do dogs smell each other's ass?

If the owner finds that the bitch’s milk is insufficient, he should provide the puppies with goat milk powder in time to help the dog absorb enough nutrients, but remember not to feed the milk. The lactose in the milk cannot be digested by the dog and will threaten life.

Find a partner

Dogs can judge the sex of each other by smelling the buttocks. The bitch will emit a special scent during the estrus period, so that the male dog will recognize it when it smells it, and pursue the bitch in time to find a partner for itself.

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