Why do girls like to have male dogs?

Why do girls like to have male dogs?

Now there are more and more dog owners. There are more women in the ratio of men to women who raise dogs, and there will be more girls raising male dogs for the same breed of dogs! Why is this?

The following editor reveals the secret to everyone: Why do girls raise male dogs? These advantages are irresistible!


In the world of dogs, dogs of the same breed are better-looking males than females. In addition, most girls decide to keep them based on their looks. So naturally many girls have male dogs. This has the advantage. Think no girl will refuse!

Opposites attract

Many girls have no goals in choosing a male and female. Therefore, when choosing a dog, they choose to suit their own eyes. However, when a male dog smells a girl, he becomes very enthusiastic and active. Dogs, of course, people can’t refuse, maybe this is the so-called attraction of opposite sexes!

Full sense of security

Girls probably lack the most sense of security, so of course they choose to raise a dog to make them feel more secure. For different genders of the same breed, male dogs are naturally better in terms of sense of security, because male dogs’ The body shape will be larger than the bitch, and it will look more fierce. This kind of advantage will naturally make the girls unable to refuse!

Dog Care - Why do girls like to have male dogs?

More accessible

In fact, there is another very important reason why girls keep male dogs, that is, male dogs are more approachable than female dogs, because male dogs are more lively and have strong adaptability, and can quickly become one with their owners, while female dogs have a quieter personality. It takes longer for him to get used to it if he wants to get close to his owner. In this contrast, girls will choose male dogs.

Easy to take care of

In fact, even the toughest girls have a gentle side, so if a dog of the same breed chooses a male and a female, most girls will definitely choose a male. Take the dog’s estrus period, the female dog will be in the estrus period. There is menstruation. As a girl, you know how troublesome it is. You don’t need to worry about choosing a male dog. Therefore, girls prefer male dogs.

In addition, I want to remind the pet owner that the loss of nutrients during the estrus period of a dog will be faster, so the owner needs to supplement it with sufficient nutrients so that it will be healthier. It is recommended that in addition to feeding some high-nutrition dog food, it is also recommended You can feed some pet goat milk powder as a nutritional supplement.

Are you all clear about the above reasons why girls have male dogs? In fact, whether you choose to raise male dogs or female dogs, you must pay more attention to their diet. After all, this is related to its health and whether it can accompany you for longer. Scientific breeding is very important, which can make dogs healthier and longer. .

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