Why does the dog stare at you when shit?

Why does the dog stare at you when shit?

Many attentive owners find that when their dogs are shit outside, they like to stare at him. I wonder if any pet owners know why? The reason why dogs keep staring at you when they shit!

Seeking security

Some dogs are particularly insecure. They are afraid that their owner will leave when they are shit, especially those that have been abandoned. Therefore, they will always stare at their owner and prevent the owner from leaving his sight. For such a dog, the owner should give them a relieved expression when they pull the papa, and usually care about it more.

Dog Care - Why does the dog stare at you when shit?

Want the owner to protect it

The dog itself is a more vigilant animal, and when defecate, it is when it is least prepared, and it is also afraid that there will be dangers around it, so it will always stare at its owner, hoping that the owner can protect it at this time. You suddenly walk away, and it will catch up with you immediately after pulling it!

Determine the choice of location with you

Many dogs have been trained to pee or poop in a fixed place since they were young. After a long time, they will form the habit of determining the location of the poop with you. Therefore, when they poop outside, they stare at you and want to ask you. , Whether it can shit here.

Dog Care - Why does the dog stare at you when shit?

Want reward

The pet owner trains the dog to poop or pee in a fixed place at home. If he does well, he will usually be rewarded so that the dog can quickly master this skill. After he gets used to it, every time he poops, he feels like himself. You will be rewarded, so keep staring at the owner, and the owner should not be stingy. The reward is rewarded. You can buy some goat cheese dog snacks, which has a reward effect and helps the dog grind teeth to remove bad breath.

Want to invite you together

Dogs are animals that live in groups, they like to go out to play in groups, so shit will also act collectively. Therefore, when the dog is with you, it is shit. It may be staring at you because it wants to invite you, or it may be wondering why you don’t pull it. After reading it, do you think your dog really has This idea too!

When a dog shit, the pet owner can observe whether the dog’s shit is abnormal. The dog’s shit can reflect many health problems. If the dog shit is soft, it also has a bad smell. Then the owner must be vigilant. The common cause is poor digestion by the dog. Therefore, the dog food that the owner chooses is best to have a good absorption rate.

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