Why does the dog tilt his head to look at you?

Why does the dog tilt his head to look at you?

I believe that many pet owners have seen dogs tilt their heads. You should have seen them when you talk to them, and you should have seen them when they look at you. So what is the meaning of dogs tilting their heads? How much do you know?

Try to hear what you are saying

When the owner is talking to the dog, or the dog makes a mistake, when you look for the theory, you see that the dog tilts its head. In fact, it is not because it is teasing you, but because it is trying to hear you clearly.

Dogs can receive sounds by rotating their ears and find the direction of the sounds, so that they can hear what you are saying clearly. Although they may not understand them, they will be willing to listen!

Dog Care - Why does the dog tilt his head to look at you?

In order to see your facial expression clearly

Dogs’ language is expressed through facial expressions, body movements and some different barking sounds, so when we speak, it can also try to understand through our facial expressions and body movements.

Although dogs have good hearing and smell, they are severely short-sighted and can see very few colors. In addition to the difference in head structure, they can see a smaller field of view than humans, so they can see clearly by tilting their heads. Your facial expressions.

Dog is sick

Sometimes when you see a dog being bored and tilting your head from time to time, it is because there is a problem with its physical condition, which may be an ear canal disease or a neurological disease.

When the dog feels pain and uncomfortable, it will be relieved by tilting his head. The owner is best to observe his physical condition and seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the condition.

Express doubt

Dogs who live with us for a long time will naturally learn some of our movements. When we are confused, we may also make instinctive movements of tilting our heads.

Therefore, the dog will also learn something. If the owner feels that the owner is too complicated when communicating with the dog, he will not be able to think, and he will tilt his head and look at the owner and express doubts whether such a dog is very smart. !

Deliberately sell cute

Dogs are very observant of their owners. Sometimes when you are sad, they will come to comfort you. This is the truth. When they find that tilting their head makes you happy, they will remember it in their heart.

When it makes a mistake next time, when you are angry, it will also release a head-sweeping, deliberately selling cuteness to you, which can please you and avoid being punished. Many pet owners say that they are defeated by the dog’s head-sweeping. Kill, but the owner, don’t always scold the dog. Strengthening training management is the best policy. Appropriately reward some goat cheese dog snacks to reduce the number of mistakes.

In getting along with the dog, I don’t know if the owner has noticed that many of the dog’s behaviors have different meanings. For this, the owner still needs to observe and understand more in order to get along with the dog better, usually When observing, you should also pay more attention to the dog’s diet. If you are picky eaters, you have to spend some time thinking about it. It may be because you are tired of eating.

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