Why doesn’t the dog let you touch his paw?

Why doesn’t the dog let you touch his paw?

I believe that you who own a dog should have experienced a situation where a dog does not let you touch its paws, so have you ever wondered why? Why doesn’t the dog let you touch his paws?


Don’t think that dogs’ heads and stomachs are their sensitive parts. In fact, their paws are also their sensitive parts.

After all, their paws are an important part of their perspiration and heat dissipation, so of course they won’t let you touch them easily.

If you were still willing to let you touch it before, but now suddenly refuses to let it, the master must think carefully about whether he has offended it, and carefully observe its behavior.


The dog itself has a strong vigilance, and its paw is injured, so its defensiveness is also heavier, so it will not let you touch its paw.

The owner should pay more attention to observation, slowly touch it, let it put down its guard, and then help it deal with the wound, never directly help it deal with it, otherwise it may be attacked.

If you don’t know how to deal with it, send it to the hospital as soon as possible. Don’t blindly operate it yourself, which may cause the wound to worsen.

Dog Care - Why doesn't the dog let you touch his paw?


Some dogs are timid, so naturally they won’t let you touch their paws. Some senior dog owners may not know it!

In fact, if you want to know if it is timid and fearful, you can know if you have more contact and observation.

For such a dog, the owner usually needs to accompany him more often. After a long time, he will gradually feel safer.

Do not like you

Although most dogs are close to people, they also have people or things they hate.

The reason why dogs don’t let you touch their paws is probably because they don’t like you, or you offend him. Many senior dog owners don’t necessarily know this.

Therefore, if you want a dog to get close to you and let you touch your paw, then the owner must spend some effort to cultivate feelings with the dog.

I’m afraid you will cut his nails

If you often touch your dog’s paws because you want to cut your nails, and some dogs are afraid of cutting their nails, then of course they won’t let you touch their paws.

After all, this means you have to do things that scare it, especially if you hurt it when you cut its nails. If you force it, it will resist.

So if the owner wants to cut his dog’s nails, he must first learn good techniques, and slowly let the dog trust you, and can reward him with some snacks to guide him.

Of course, there are many reasons why a dog won’t let you touch its paws. This requires the owner to observe and find out. The reasons are often reflected in the details. In addition to observing, we must pay more attention to its diet. After all, this It is very important to it, related to its physical health.

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