Why is Schnauzer better than other dogs, let’s take a look.

Why is Schnauzer better than other dogs, let’s take a look.

Schnauzer is a small dog with a lively personality and an appearance like a little old man. It is a breed raised by many people, and I believe that many dog owners know that it has many advantages and can defeat many breeds of pet dogs . After reading I believe you will like it too!


Although the size of Schnauzer is small, its courage is not as good as many big dogs. It will not be afraid to give in when encountering a larger dog. It is also very alert and can help with the house. If there is a little trouble, it will remind you in time. So that the owner does not have to worry about the thief in the house.

Walking around is very worry-free

Schnauzer is not big, has little combat power, and does not have a lot of exercise, so taking it out for a walk is very worry-free, and it is not easy to hurt people. It is basically tired after walking two laps. It is very suitable for people who don’t have enough time. Raising, such a worry-free dog, who would not like it?

Dog Care - Why is Schnauzer better than other dogs, let's take a look.

No shed hair

Many people who want to keep a dog will worry about the problem of hair loss, because it is very troublesome to take care of a shed dog, and the family has to clean the hair every day, while raising a Schnauzer does not have this trouble , basically don’t worry about holding it. In the case where the whole body is hairy.

Light body odor

Light body odor is also one of the advantages of Schnauzer over other pet breeds. Many dogs have a strong body odor. If they have not bathed for a few days, their whole body will emit a bad smell, while Schnauzer does not. Its usual body odor is very light. Wash it once. After a bath, there will be no heavy smell after 7-10 days.

High learning capibility

Schnauzer’s IQ ranks 12th in the dog world. It has a high IQ. As long as the owner has a little training, he can learn many skills, such as fixed-point urination, shaking hands, etc. It can be seen that it is a dog with strong learning ability. Give some chicken and french fries dog treats during training, and you will find that the effect is more significant than before.

Eat small, not picky eaters

Schnauzer doesn’t eat too much, is not picky eaters, and is easy to feed. This way, the pet owner will not have a lot of pressure on his diet. It is easier to raise, and it has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. Schnauzer is really a good choice for people who want to keep a dog.

But the pet owner should also pay attention. Although he is not picky and easy to feed, he must remember not to give him a single food for a long time. It is easy to cause malnutrition. You will regret it at that time, so you must usually eat Pay attention to the balance of nutrition.

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