Why should dog food be the staple food of dogs?

Why should dog food be the staple food of dogs?

Many friends don’t know what is better for dogs? Generally speaking, dog food is recommended. Here are the 4 benefits of dog food compiled by pet experts: Not only is the nutrition comprehensive, the teeth are healthy, and the feces are relatively stable. In addition, the dog will not be anorexia after long-term feeding of the dog food.

1. Comprehensive nutrition

The first advantage of dog food is that it is nutritious and comprehensive. The comprehensive nutrition mentioned here does not mean how rich the protein and fat content of the dog food is, but the reasonable ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins and trace elements contained in the dog food.

As long as it is not a particularly bad brand, general dog food can provide a variety of basic nutrients that a dog needs every day. In addition, if it is a high-end dog food, it will also increase the low content of unsaturated fatty acids and enzymes in general food, which can promote the growth of dog hair and the health of the digestive tract.

The various raw materials of dog food require dozens or even hundreds of kinds. The food cooked by the general owner can hardly meet such comprehensive nutritional needs. Therefore, dogs that have long been dog food are based on the toughness of the bones, the quality of the hair, and the The standard degree of body weight is much better than that of a partial eclipse dog.

2. Good for dental health

Dog food is great for dogs’ teeth. Dog food has been puffed, crunchy but has a certain degree of hardness, and has a certain effect of cleaning and strengthening teeth. The data proves that dogs who do not eat dog food will have much higher rates of calculus and tooth loss in middle-aged and old age than those who eat dog food.

3. The stool is relatively stable

With dog food as the main food, with a small amount of fruit and snacks, the dog’s bowel movements are also better. The appropriate amount of crude fiber and ash in the dog food can effectively promote the peristalsis of the digestive tract, make the dog’s stool smooth, and play a role in preventing anal adenitis to a certain extent. Because the dog’s food is relatively stable, it is not easy to cause diarrhea.

4. long-term feeding of dog food, dogs are not easy to cause anorexia

Many people think that giving dogs one food for a long time is too monotonous. But they also overlooked a problem, that is, the intelligence of dogs can only reach the level of children aged 4 to 5 years. Therefore, it is unrealistic for them to be like adults, forcing themselves to eat nutritious but unpalatable things regularly.

So puppies are often accustomed to eating pure meat and pure liver, and they do not accept other foods. Many owners have this experience. When they encounter a puppy’s poor appetite, they will try to change their meat food. Eat chicken legs today, eat pork liver tomorrow, and eat beef the day after tomorrow. They will slowly find that the dog eats less, as if No food can lift their appetite.

If you start feeding dog food from an early age, or change other foods in the middle, usually the owner should pay attention to feeding the dog, and do not feed other foods. Let dogs develop good eating habits, so that they will slowly develop behaviors that are not picky and not anorexia.

If special dog food is used for feeding, it is best to start with puppies, because the characteristics of dogs are: the taste that is used to snacks is the most impressive and the most delicious. Many dog ​​​​habits have been formed when they are puppies.

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