Will a dog’s leg heal itself if it is fracture?

Will a dog’s leg heal itself if it is fracture?

A dog’s leg fracture will not heal itself. If it is broken neatly, you can use external force to connect the broken ends of the bones. Choose the method of external fixation. If it is a comminuted fracture or cannot restore to the original position with the help of external force, you need to During surgery, a steel plate or Kirschner wire is used to fix the bone and let it grow.

Dog leg fractures are divided into mild fractures and comminuted fractures. Among them, a mild fracture may be a crack in the bone or a slight misalignment of the bone. This situation may heal on its own. At the same time, the healing process will have a relatively small impact on the dog’s later walking. However, the healing process must be done with anti-inflammatory and Anti-infective treatment, but also need to restrict the dog’s movement to avoid a lot of exercise during the recovery period.

Comminuted fractures usually refer to more than three pieces of bone crushed. This type of fracture generally requires surgical treatment. If the dog is allowed to recover on its own, there may be a certain degree of recovery, but it is generally deformed, and the dog may be unable to walk or be unable to walk later. Severe limp condition. Finally, you usually need to close the doors and windows, and use a traction rope when walking outside to avoid the dog’s fracture due to accidents.

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