You can’t bathe your dog in these situations!

You can’t bathe your dog in these situations!

Grooming and maintenance of pet dogs are very important. In the process of raising dogs, you must bathe your dogs regularly and in time. But it is not always possible to bathe the dog. As an owner, you should know when you can’t bathe your dog.

First, it is not suitable for a dog that has just eaten to take a bath. If the dog eats too much, it is best to wait for it to digest before bathing it. Because bathing a dog that has just eaten, the blood vessels in the skin will expand due to bathing, and there will be less blood flowing to the stomach, which will cause indigestion and lower blood sugar in the dog, and it is prone to fainting.

Second, pet dogs that have just been cured should not be bathed. At this time, the dog is weak and weak, and it is easy to get sick again if the bath is improper. If you must bathe your dog, you can try to comb the dog and wipe it with a towel.

Third, pet dogs who have just gone through strenuous exercise should not take a shower immediately. In the hot summer, the dog has just participated in strenuous exercise. Don’t shower him immediately. You should wait until the dog is calm and his limbs and muscles return to normal before bathing him.

Fourth, dogs that have just been vaccinated cannot take a bath immediately. Such a pet dog must safely pass the vaccine observation period, usually about 7-10 days, and wait until everything is normal before giving it a bath.

Finally, do not bathe your dog in a cold, humid environment. Because such an environment is more likely to cause colds and illnesses in dogs. Especially in winter, be sure to bathe your dog in a warm room to prevent illness.

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