You will fall in love with German Shepherd!

You will fall in love with German Shepherd!

As one of the very good working dogs, German Shepherd can also become a good family companion dog and guard dog. In the eyes of many pet owners, it is a perfect dog. Why do you say that? After reading the following advantages, you will know.

High appearance

It is estimated that many people who have been raised are attracted by its appearance. Although it was cute and honest when he was young, the appearance of Demu is very beautiful when he grows up! Who wouldn’t want to raise such a handsome dog?

Dog Care - You will fall in love with German Shepherd!

Mature and stable personality

German Shepherd is mature and stable. It is not easy to cause trouble. Generally, he does not have destructive behavior at home, and he does not attack others at will, but it should be noted that you must not play with it to anger it. With its power, you will It’s hard to contend.

Very loyal

German Shepherd is absolutely loyal to the owner, so that the owner can not even have his life. Once it recognizes you as the owner, it will not be changed. It only recognizes one owner in your life. If you want a loyal dog, German Shepherd is very Good choice.

High obedience

German Shepherd’s obedience is also one of the best, and IQ is also high, training is easy, just find the right method, be patient, German Shepherd can quickly remember simple skills, and give it some snacks during training. The effect of training will be more significant.

Not picky eaters

German Shepherd does not have high dietary requirements. It is not easy to be picky eaters and is easy to raise. As long as there is food for it to eat, it is enough. But also pay attention to the nutritional intake of German Shepherd. It is easy to eat a single food for a long time. Caused malnutrition of German animal husbandry.

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